Online Grow Course

You’ve come to the right place! Online course in how to grow cannabis with certificate, a new addition to our curriculum.

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How To – Growing Cannabis (Indoor/Outdoor)

  1.  Where To Grow Cannabis
  2.  Indoor Lighting Options
  3.  Marijuana Growing Mediums
  4. The Feeding and Care of Plants
  5. Seed Germinating/Clones
  6. Stages of Cannabis Growth
  7. The Cannabis Flowering Stages
  8. Cannabis Harvesting
  9. The Final Product – How To Prepare Your Buds

Cannabis is legal in many states across the country.  We are finally allowed to legally grow our own cannabis! We teach you how to grow Cannabis for fun or as a job career. Fun and interactive class room instruction. Space is limited in our popular one-week class. Be sure to reserve your spot now.

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